Tail Bag


This  Tail Bag will protect the tail from mud, droppings, breakage, stains, sun damage and keeps the tail free from tangles. The result will be a horse with a clean and protected tail.

This is a rain resistant nylon tail bag, with both a top and bottom openings allowing you to smooth the hair through the bag, rather than stuff it in the top. The strap that sits through the hair is soft eliminating rubbing on the hair in the top of the plait. This bag also features a fold up tab, which allows you to fold the bottom half of the bag up if you don't want it near mucky ground.

Complete instructions are included giving two fixing options.


Colours Available

  • Red
  • Blue

We have many sizes available giving the perfect fit from the largest of horses down to miniature ponys.

       0;      &# 160;              0;   80cm

       0;      &# 160;              0;   70cm

       0;      &# 160;              0;   60cm

       0;      &# 160;              0;   50cm

       0;      &# 160;              0;   40cm

       0;      &# 160;              0;   30cm

Red or Blue

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