Rainproof Saddle Cover Red


This saddle cover is a double sided rain proof riding cover for your saddle by Cosy Covers. This saddle cover is specially designed to allow you to ride while keeping your saddle dry and clean.

It is made from rip stop fabric, which is rain resistant and is lined with soft fleece.

The fleece lining, and special design of this cover eliminates any saddle rubbing. The easyouts, allow you to run your stirrups out thru the cover at any time, and also allow you to "run them up" if required.

Our range of English Saddle Covers

  • General Purpose Saddles
  • Dressage Saddles
  • Jump/Flat Seat Saddles


Please advise if you would like your Saddle Cover for a GP, Dressage or Jump Saddle

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